Proper Way to Bleeding Brakes

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Proper Way to Bleeding Brakes

Postby amarrache » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:58 am

I've decided that I am going to let my local bike shop bleed my brakes and put in new fluid. Not something I want to try and tackle. Can someone let me know what the shop needs to be aware of to do this properly? I saw the post about cycling the ABS pump, but is there more information that I should pass on and/or a particular series of steps that should be done to optimize the flush?

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Re: Proper Way to Bleeding Brakes

Postby Arno » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:40 am

You should perhaps first check whether the ABS pump still works.
This works as follows:
"GTS - ABS test without bringing it into the border area with brave braking maneuvers.

1. There is a seat underneath the seat on the side of the tool pocket
Blind connector with 4 connections. Take a cable and close 2
Connections short, with me it is the red and gray cross (do not worry
Even if you get the wrong ones it can not happen nix) so quiet
try out.
2. Turn the emergency switch to MOTOR OFF!
3. With the hand and foot brake pressed, turn the ignition key on on! Now should
First followed a noticeable pressure on the hand on and off again
From a noticeable pressure and again decreasing pressure at the
Foot brake.

Sounds complicated, but is quite simple.
Since the ABS is not activated for months, it is a good and fast way to keep the ABS pump current and to prevent the pump from being fixed by brake fluid.
I hope that I have not explained an open secret here and some of you have not yet known this possibility. "

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Re: Proper Way to Bleeding Brakes

Postby crusoe » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:59 pm

A Bit More Info on ABS Pump Testing


Remove the seat and find the diagnostic plug hidden above where the
tool pouch is, secured in the tail of the bike. There are two diagnostic
plugs, get the one just above the tool pouch.

There is a locking tab securing the protective insert. Lift the locking
tab up with your finger and gently pull the dummy plug out with a pair of

You want to short out the two conductors adjacent (closest) to the
locking tab.

Pull in the front brake lever firmly and push down on the rear brake.

While holding both brakes, turn the ignition key to the ON position.

You will first feel the front brake lever push (kind of a ratchet sound)
out against your grip then fall back to where it was. Next the rear brake
pedal will ratchet up against your foot then fall back to where it was.
The important part is the initial ratcheting push out against your foot or
hand pressure. Even if you hold the levers firmly, the HU pump should be
able to push out against you! Don't grip the lever with all your might or
stand with your full body weight on the rear lever, but DO apply firm
braking pressure.

Don't forget to "un-short" the wires in the tail section

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