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Eurotreffen Anyone?

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:38 am
by stevewp
Posted Monday, January 31, 2005 @ 16:16:53

Wonder who's up for this years do in the Black Forest?
I'm still working on my other half, and think I've persuaded a few non-GTS mates to come along (I presume this isn't taboo).

I'm hoping there'll be a few of us going so we could all ride together (what an impact that'd make!!).

Anyone else up for it?


Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:39 am
by David Gardner
Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2005 @ 21:31:58

Steve, I was hoping to be going with erindoors, but it's the week after schools go back so she wont/cant go. I am definately up for it but a lot of things need to come together before I could commit. Prob be last minute decision. But keep me in mind!