Grab handles and riding pillion

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Grab handles and riding pillion

Postby 24c » Sat Apr 14, 2007 5:58 am

slarty-bart-farst wrote:My daughter (15) wanted to go out on the bike so weve just come back from a lap of the TT couse as the sun went down, had to go steady as she found the GTS grab handles were in the wrong place for her so it looks like I'm building a rack/grab rail next

This is something that's always bemused me, as someone who's ridden pillion and having been taught to do something else by the manufacturers....grab rails on bikes that fall behind the shoulders always use the weakest muscles in your arms to steady you.

Safety tip: It must be some personal space issue that's creating the issue, as I tell my daughters where they are, what they are supposed to do, and it's easier to ... and no incest doesn't run in my family...grip with your legs and put your hands on my hips/waist. :shock:

Always works for them, and they follow you better as a pillion and don't fight the bike, plus if they get out of their comfort zone, you can feel it.

Great tip for girlfriends, concubines and mistresses, but's it harder doing this with your best mate, but I suppose you could buy one of those modified belts that have handle loops in, or trade in the bike for a Gold Wing or similar, which is fitted with bucket seats practically.

PS Now you know why they make backrests, and they do a detachable one for a Corbin, but no idea if that's a good example.
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Postby slarty-bart-farst » Sat Apr 14, 2007 9:07 am

24c I am surprised at my daughter Katy's response to the first ride on the GTS. This is the girl who at 13 when I was cranked over on a VTR 1000 was leaning on the inside of me saying it was not fast enough. Shes a great pillion and just sat there on the VTR even if the front wheel came up. It could be cause thers so much room she is sitting without holding on with her legs (god I hate beinga pillion) anyways I'm pretty much convinced I will never sell the GTR as it fits the bill of engineering weird (different) yet infinatly useable so I was going to make a rack (horror angle iron!) no a cnc machined 8mm Durall plate anodised black. Now if I was to make it so it flipped up it could become a back rest.

Trouble is I have found that the whole "deck area" of the rear seat the top of the panniers and the tail are level enough to strap on loads of crap!

I have a picture somewhere of the GTS with a "George" carpet cleaner, all the big accessories and a steam wall paper stripper roped on the back before I set off back from Ramsey over the mountain, inevitably I was gonna go for it, luckyly I came across a couple of UK plated bikes so thraiped past them!

Its at times like that I want one of those led word displays on the back that reads "Only 100 hp 225Kg and 13 years old" (bike not rider).

Anyroad I'll have to give this one some thought as it is the best bike for me to carry a pillion on, it don't seem to affect it.

When carrying a dehumidifier recently this occupied all the space of the pillion seat and the tail section so it acted like a race seat backstop for me arse it was so relaxing, it is amazing how much better any bike seems with a bum stop seat. This mainly shows up during hard acceleration but brings back memmories of big distances on cafe racers and not being totaly fcuk ed.

As I want to do some rapid continetal runs I may look at this.
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Re: Grab handles and riding pillion

Postby Bill » Sat Apr 14, 2007 3:16 pm

24c wrote:PS Now you know why they make backrests, and they do a detachable one for a Corbin, but no idea if that's a good example.

All good tips Mike. Heck, the pillion's comfort zone during a ride has always been measured by the amount of bruising on my built-in grab handles.

The Corbin backrest (or being able to lean against a GIVI topcase or similar) gives em tons more secure feeling, but removes them from the "flow" of the ride. They tend to lean back & relax - fine for cruising - as opposed to moving with you and the bike. It is a good addition though. Somewhere here I posted a pix of my bike with the Corbin backrest on -think it was in February's submissions- iffin anyone wants to see it.

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Postby Doug Long » Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:45 pm

I use, and have used for the last 4 years, something known as a Pillion Pal, or there is an alternative version known as 'Love Handles'

Whenever my son, or now my daughter, comes out on the GTS with me I wear this. All it is is a webbing belt with two handles attached.

Easier for the pillion to hold onto than your jacket. Also has the added bonus of stopping my jacket from riding up my back and keeps my 24 pack (I went past a six pack a long time ago) from resting on the tank.

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