Centre stand failure!

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Centre stand failure!

Postby OmegaChassis » Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:13 pm

As Mike and Dale already know i did not attend the meet this weekend at
Stalmine, this was due to the fact that i had injured my self due to the centre
breaking on Mike's gts.
The cause of the injury was due to the foot lever breaking off as i attempted
to put the bike on the centre stand resulting in the bike ending up on it's side! :wtf: and me being left with a pulled muscle in my back, ouch!
The probable cause of the failure was the fact that the rear shock was worn
out and the rear of the bike would sit lower down, which would result in more strain being put on centre stand as you attempted to lift the bike back.
I also had the same symptoms and failure( but without the injury) on a
Honda vfr 750 two years earlier.
So if you have had a soggy rear end on your bike! I would advise you to check the centre stand for any fracture's in the metal work and have it repaired or replaced if necessary ?

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Postby Dale » Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:41 pm

Sorry you could not be there mate, would have been nice to see a few more GTS's there, but hey we would have the usual guys anyways.

Hope your back gets better soon as the Treffen is getting closer.

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