The best Tyre choice "RIDE" mag May2006

Fast-boy tyres (as Nick likes to call them) or sensible sports tourers? What's your recommendation?

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Postby Mr Wog » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:00 pm

The reason I'm running the Metzler Z4's on the GTS is because the rear had a new one on it, so I matched the front. When I'm done I'll put the Z6's on, I hear all god things about them. When I'm out on one of my faster bikes and chasing my bud on his FJ 1300, those Z6's he has on are getting the work out of there life, and hold like a tabby cat on a carpet.
I run Michelin Pilots on my Suzuki TL, Dunlop 208's on my ZRX1200, Pilot roads on the ZX1100. So no I have no brand loyalty, and wished I worked for Metzler and got employee prices, those F#%^ers are expensive.
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