Robert Wilson's tyre test

Fast-boy tyres (as Nick likes to call them) or sensible sports tourers? What's your recommendation?

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Robert Wilson's tyre test

Postby stevewp » Sat Nov 12, 2005 5:42 pm

Just had this from the listserv group, and thought it worth posting here. Makes for an interesting read.

i have been reading about the different tire and sizes recommended by
users on this list. specifically 120 X 70ZR 17 front tire and 170 X 60ZR
17 rear tire. and the 180 X 55ZR 17 rear and the 120 X 60ZR 17 front or
to use the 120 X 70ZR 17 front tire with the 180 X 55ZR 17 rear.
i decided on my last set of tires i would try different combinations of
the four tires.
i had on the bike a set of 120 X 70ZR 17 and a 170 X 70ZR 17. this
combination is what i had been running. this is a good combination and GTS
handels very well with it.i replaced the rear tire with a 180 X 55ZR 17
rear tire and was surprised at the difference in handeling. the GTS
felt like it fell into corners and in a straight line it wanted to run off
center in either direction it got started feels like the front
tire is riding on a narrow v and slides off to either side. i rode this
tire combination for over 2000 miles it did not get any better as the
tire wore in. i then switched to a 120 X 60ZR 17 front tire. the
handeling returned to what it had been with my original set of tires. i have
been running this combination for over 2000 miles and i just put on my
second 180 X 55ZR 17 rear tire.
in conclusion i prefer to run the 180 X 55ZR 17 and 120 X 60ZR 17 on
the GTS.
this only applies to the GTS. i bought a 2005 yamaha R1 and it handels
great on a lower wider rear tire 190 X 50ZR 17 rear. and a 120 X 70ZR
17 front. i think it all has to do with the front to rear weight balance
on all bikes.if anyone has tried the lower front tire with a 170 X60ZR
17 reqr tire i would like to hear about your thoughts. i hope this
helps someone.
Robert R. Wilson
1994 GTS

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